| Jan 18, 2024 min read

reference for later, just documenting LC journey as I embark on it again


It’s like DFS but where we track the state as well, I really really liked this Leetcode card

Problems and why I think they matter

picking up the template https://leetcode.com/problems/letter-combinations-of-a-phone-number/description/ https://leetcode.com/problems/word-search/description/ this one requires an additional structure!

Optimizing pruning strategy: https://leetcode.com/problems/n-queens/description/ https://leetcode.com/problems/combination-sum/submissions/1145152116/ https://leetcode.com/problems/subsets-ii/submissions/1145139692/

Fundamental Graphs

Super important as this structure is actually used in real life. I sometimes imagine what it would be like to solve one of these for starlink or something haha.

BFS problems:


Kahn’s Algorithm

I really liked this explore card on it and explaining why its good as a pruning strategy. https://leetcode.com/problems/course-schedule/description/ https://leetcode.com/problems/course-schedule-ii/description/

Union Find: https://leetcode.com/problems/redundant-connection/description/ https://leetcode.com/problems/graph-valid-tree/description/

Adjacency Lists: https://leetcode.com/problems/word-ladder/submissions/